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About Us


We live in a special place. It just follows that the art we surround ourselves with should be extraordinary too. Isola Arts is dedicated to bringing exceptional artists and patrons together in unique and extraordinary places. We promise you an event outside the usual gallery stroll or reception. We promise you an immersion in sights and sounds...a memory...a new experience.  Like the pairing of fine wine with a gourmet creation, our artists and venues are perfectly matched to delight the artistic pallet.

Experience an Isola Arts Event. It's an island apart from the world of ordinary.

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Wedding Reception

The Story Behind Isola Arts

"Isola" is Italian for Island

In search of a name for what we do, the same realization kept resurfacing. We are a set apart island emerging from a sea of sameness. Our goal is always to bring the best of the arts to our patrons. No more traditional galleries, art walks, and the seemingly endless tented shows and street fairs. Selecting art shouldn't be like shopping for shoes. Art should speak to your soul. And it's kind of hard to do that when there's lots of visual noise.

We want you to have that "ah" moment when you find just the right visual for your special place. And if that art doesn't show up...there should be a resource you can tap into to find your own personal artist for a unique commissioned work that is distinctly yours.

This is why we started Isola Arts. We are growing our contacts daily, providing an open space for artistic freedom, development and growth. And the venues are slowly presenting themselves. Sign up for our e-news and we'll send you an invitation to events as they develop. Good things take time. The seeds have been planted and we can't wait to see the harvest that develops on our artistic island.

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