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Waldo's Secret Art Walk 2023 Artist Agreement

VERY IMPORTANT INFO: please read before Registering! Agreement is required for participation.

  • I am over 18.

  • I understand that I need to Register by October 30, 2023 to guarantee that my name appears on "Waldo's Secret Art Walk" map and webpage.

  • I understand if I drop out, there will be only 50% Registration refunded until October 15th and none after October 30th.

  • I have added to my contacts to ensure email delivery to my inbox (and I will check junk mail).

  • ​I will bring for sale only work created and/or designed by myself (or with a Participating partner). Scented products shall not constitute more than 20% of my items for sale unless in my own tent. Simple strung purchased beads will not be accepted as original created art. 

  • I agree to help the event by publicizing, emailing my contacts, sharing on social media tagging Isola Arts. The more people that attend, the more you will sell!

  • I will be considerate to my host by being helpful and communicative. I will leave my venue clean and in good time, but not before 5 p.m. on Sunday, except in extreme weather, by request of the host, or in an emergency. I will not smoke or vape anywhere on Waldo's Secret Art Walk venue.

  • ​If for any reason I am unable to participate, I will let Isola Arts know as soon as possible, so a wait-listed artist can take my place. 

  • If "Waldo's Secret Art Walk" is cancelled due to extreme weather, artists will be refunded 80% of the  Registration fee. (Waldo's Secret Art Walk will not be cancelled due to regular rain/weather conditions.)

  • I understand that my registration is not complete until I receive my confirmation email indicating that my payment has been received and that a booth has been assigned to me. (Early registration and payment will place you in the best locations.)


I agree that any harm or damage caused as a result of my participation as an artist in the "Waldo's Secret Art Walk" shall be a matter between me and and Waldo's Secret Garden, and if necessary, my and my host's insurance companies. Isola Arts Inc. and its organizers shall not be held liable.


Registration in "Secret Art Walk" shall constitute acceptance and agreement to conform to these terms.

Agree & Register


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