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Hi Fellow Artists! We are a month or so away from the Waldo's Secret Art Walk and the event is shaping up nicely. Please review all the material on this private web page. A walk-through film of the venue with the booths marked is below. You will have an opportunity to see the space in person on Dec 7th from 9am to noon. We'll have a small informal "Meet & Greet" for the artists at 11:30 with complimentary pizza and beverages.

This venue is probably not like any other place you've set up your artwork. There are many, many tables and chairs on site. Please feel free to use them for your displays rather than plastic tables or lawn chairs. It helps to maintain the rustic, natural look of the garden. If you don't want a table in your space, or any other piece of furniture, just let the host or one of the Isola Arts board members know, and we will have it removed (if possible, that is... because some tables are cemented in place).

Because this is a "jungle" environment, it is shaded even during bright sunlight, so the existing holiday lights are very effective. Feel free to add your own lights to tables and around displays. In some booths, like 16, 17 and 18, there are no lights. So you may want to bring something to light up your work in these booths, including extension cords.

In the covered spaces, you are welcome to hang colorful tapestries or backdrops behind your artwork, or to add flowers, lights, vines, or any other natural decoration. To show what's possible, I've put a photo below of a recent event that took place in the covered area of booths 34 to 39. Have fun, enjoy the freedom and creativity this beautiful space inspires.



Physical walk-through the garden

December 7th, 9am to noon.

Artist's informal "Pizza Meet & Greet" at 11:30am

Booth Set-Up

December 15th, 10am to 4pm.

Dolly's Table will be on-site until 2pm with wonderful
food and beverages for purchase.

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